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Oil Painting Workshop - Dan's Supply List

Portable easel (French easel, half easel, pochade box or something appropriate for outdoor use) My current favorite for my outdoor studio is the Coulter Plein Air System. This is probably the lightest and most comfortable set up I have found. It comes in three different sizes; I use the compact size.
Portable palette for outdoor use. Most of the above outdoor easels come with a palette, but remember it may have to be polyurethaned or "seasoned" before our workshop together.
Container for washing brushes, a Holbein or similar brand metal travel brush cleaner (Holbein Brand is worth the extra money, its the only one that I have found that doesn't leak), a Silicoil jar, or something similar.
Odorless thinner. Both, the 16 or 32 oz size will do fine. Gamsol, Turpenoid (not the Turpenoid natural stuff) or Thin X brand with the green label (available locally at Salt Bay Art Supply).

Paper towels (only Viva Brand will do) and a small trash bag or rags and a ragbag

Natural bristle brushes: Flats, at least two each of sizes 2, 4, 6 and one size 10. I love Robert Simmons "Signet" brushes and Utrechts "209s".

Paints: I usually buy my paints and supplies (except easels) at Utrecht. Any specialty colors you like or have already, bring them along and we'll see if we can find a use for them. The minimum colors for this workshop are:
- Quinacridone Red
- Ultramarine Blue (Utrecht's Ultramarine Blue is the strongest)
- Cadmium Yellow Light,
- and a large tube of Titanium White ( I like Rembrandt Brand White best)

These colors will serve you well soon, if not right now:

- Cadmium Orange
- Yellow Ochre
- Cadmium Red Light
- Quinacridone Rose (or something close)
- Alizarin Crimson (optional)
- Cobalt Blue
- Cerulean Blue Hue
- Viridian
- Ivory Black
- Burnt Umber
- Burnt Sienna

Panels: An assortment of canvas boards (cotton canvas is fine), three total per day: two 6x8s or two 8x10s and one 11x14 or 12x16 per day. You may want to bring some extra for after hours or if you decide to stay extra days to put some of what we learn to good use.

A small sketch book with a broad tip black marker like a sharpie

Palette knife: I use the Utrecht one that has a round butt and a pointy tip called a "trowel shape".

Drinking Water, sunscreen and a hat

Optional: A small pocket mirror (not a necessity but very useful), a camera (a black and white option is a plus), a portable chair and a sun umbrella.

If you need more information or if you would like to make a reservation for the workshop, please email or call Le Vatout at (207) 832-5150

Cabanas muduncook

(Daniel Corey - Boothbay Bloom)

Corey Drift in Beach

(Daniel Corey - Drift in Beach)

Corey Round Pond

(Daniel Corey - Round Pond)

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