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The Place

A short walk from the village of Waldoboro, Le Vatout is part of a sprawling farm house. Don't blink when you drive by. Like most special things in life it’s easy to miss as it hides behind its trees. Built in the 1830's, the big house with its guestrooms is connected to the little house, our private quarters, which in turn are attached to the backhouse and a grand barn that we're busy turning into an artist studio, gallery and darkroom. Store your gear, your bikes, your skis in the garage (it’s that wheathered old building, obscured by the blooms of a climbing hydrangea) and step inside for a spell.

The garden is lovely, huge, romantic and quite private with plenty of nooks and crannies where you can relax, write, read a book or simply snooze in the hammock. After a day of exploring the shoreline there’s nothing better than to sit around the firepit in back or play cards under the weeping willow, drinking lemonade or a glass of wine. A grape-trellised tea house invites you to linger, a giant elm tree tempts with sun-dappled shade, and there’s always a refreshing breeze from the water to relax and reinvigorate you at the same time. At Le Vatout, your options to enjoy your vacation are as limitless as your imagination with nature’s surprises thrown in for free – like one of the resident bald eagles you might spot circling high above or a trilling flock of bohemian waxwings that favor our wild roses – and at night you can count the stars.

Le Vatout is anchored in the granite landscape where the Medomac River meets the ocean and the tide laps at the waterfall twice a day. The boat landing is right around the corner and a hidden path leads to the rocks where the rapids run and the herons hunt.

schoonerThis is where Waldoboro's proud ship-building history took place - though they had to wait for the tide to come in before they could launch that famed five-masted schooner. A bustling center of commerce, Waldoboro in the nineteenth century was the home of several mills and a magnificent custom house. Later, the famed Waldo Theatre was added (we've been told is was designed by the architect of Radio City Music Hall). Now, it's just a quiet, picturesque town populated by fishermen and farmers and a healthy sprinkling of artists attracted by its natural beauty and tranquil charm. In short, it's Maine the way life used to be!

Just a short note to say how much we all enjoyed being with you
at your new B&B!! It was such fun, very comfortable, and
your cooking was super – we enjoyed every bite.

Dan Ely, Far Hills, NJ

It was a pleasure to meet you, talk to you and devour your
wonderful food. We all were very impressed with you and
I hope I will be back next year. Thank you for coming to America!

Tom Tiffany, Pottersville, NJ

...and its Inhabitants

Le Vatout has been a Bed & Breakfast since the early nineties, but much like its new owners, it recently reinvented itself.

Dominika Spetsmann, your innkeeper, is a semi-retired education executive and serial entrepreneur who began writing a few years ago – and never looked back.

Dominika Spetsmann
Her first novel, Flux, was nominated as a finalist in the William Faulkner Creative Writing Competition and she's now knee-deep into her second, based on the life of her grandmother and her three daughters. To Le Vatout she brings her unconditional love of people and her joy in cooking for them, mingling the flavors of her childhood in Germany with the zest she's used to tackle her life.

Linda Mahoney, resident artist, has been a fine arts photographer since she was a teenager, that is when she’s not growing things, inside or out.

Linda Mahoney
Her lyrical landscapes and curious still lifes are in the collection of many museums and Linda's luminous silverprints grace the house. Along with her quirky sculptures and assemblages they’re invitations to see beyond the obvious. Freed from the spatial constraints of the city, she’s now releasing her magic onto the garden, turning it into a creative experience that changes every day.

There are two cats, Cocoa & Ivy. A fairly new addition to Le Vatout, they're siblings, though not littermates. Already they rule the roost, but only on the inside. The outside, the garden, are unequivocally for the birds.

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Member of the Waldoboro Business Association, the Penobscot Bay Chamber of Commerce, the Maine Tourism Association,
the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association and proud recipient of Maine's Environmental Leader Certificate

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